Airport Foam Tender Driving Simulator

This is the first Airport Foam Tender training simulator in Singapore to be designed and built locally. It is a joint-development project together with Chartered Asia Technology Enterprise Pte Ltd and HCS provides the simulation software and expertise in motion control system. Using modern advancement in gaming technology, HCS is able to develop a state-of-art simulation software that can dynamically simulate a variety of immersive and realistic training environment for the trainee to practice their handling of a sophisticated foam tender, train their fire fighting skill and respond to various type of airport emergency situation. The simulator is currently being used and operated by Singapore Aviation Academy

Wireles Sales Force Automation System
It is a sophisicated sales force automation system for consumer product companies which utilizes state of the art technologies such as 3G data comm, and bluetooth. HCS Solutions was involved in building and evolving the system over the last 10 years and was a key partner in a IDA-supported showcase initiative for mobile sales force automation .

Field Management System
Field Management System (FMS) is basically a mobile sales force performance assessment tools. It was designed to run on a pen-based Tablet PC with minimum keyboad interaction. The system serve as a performance evaluation tool and a assesment data collection terminal which can be carried around as standalone PC and docked at the end of the day to upload the data to a centralised database.

Endoscopy Reporting System
This is our first project in the healthcare industry and the first clinical application that will help doctors to better serve their patient. ERM is essentially a reporting tool use by the endoscopy doctors to collect and compile endoscopy procedure information which includes patient details, endoscopy images, diagnosis and finding etc and generate a printable clinical report. ERM is built as a module within the current computerised patient support system (CPSS2). CPSS2 is a centralised patient information management system providing critical information to doctors which includes surgical operating notes, patient discharge summaries, laboratory and other clinical test results.

Airfield Lightings Monitoring And Control System

This is a project in collaboration with Chartered Asia Technology Enterprise Pte Ltd. ALMCS was designed, built and implemented using the state of art technologies using industrial standard control and monitor method, with full system redandency and complete protection from any system failures. ALMCS was designed with users in mind, ie simple to use, one single screen with lightings status monitoring and at the same time ability for user to control entire airfield lightings with a touch of a button.

Fire Alarm Monitoring and Control System
FAMS is a another major project in collaboration with Chartered Asia Technology Enterprise which was designed, built and implemented for an local airport emergency service at the airport and an air force base. FAMS uses the industrial Ole Process Control (OPC) standard to monitor the fire alarm panel at each designated building and to control crash alarm and fire bell. FAMS also includes facilities to manage day-to-day watch room operations like fire crews shift details, fire vehicles movements, emergency turn-out procedures, event logging etc.

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